TAC deluxe made of beech wood, German

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Deluxe version made of fine beech wood (49 x 49 cm), German version - complete game, direct from the manufacturer
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TAC - the unique combination of board and card game - can be described without exaggeration as a small revolution in the field of tactical games. Despite the simple rules, each game quickly develops into an exciting challenge. The aim of each of the two teams of two is to be the first to get their own balls into the "house". But that is easier said than done... Because only strong team play and forward-looking, flexible tactics pave the way to success! 

In contrast to TAC Premium and 'The small TAC', the TAC deluxe is made of solid wood, with the ornament not printed on, but milled in. It should be noted that the milled ornament can never be perfect! Some angles and curves and the course of the grain rarely allow a smooth milling of the fine lines. See last picture.

As an aid all four playing fields of the TAC deluxe have a recessed edge. S.h. last picture, the hollow at the bottom left.

Game content:
  • Wooden game board (produced in the Erzgebirge, made of steamed beech wood* (FSC certified), saliva-proof lacquered according to DIN EN 71, rounded edges, with felt inserts and felt fleece in best felt quality)
  • 16 play balls, 4 each in one color (diameter approx. 16mm, slight variations in color and size possible, not suitable for children under 3 years)
  • Marbles made from fabric
  • 4 info cards basic version/master version (see playing cards)
  • 104 playing cards (specially created new playing cards from Altenburg in best playing card quality with graphite inlay 330gr, 4 colored, dimensions 59 x 97 mm)
  • Tactics booklet (detailed instructions, German)
  • High-quality cardboard (50 x 50 cm, 6-color printed fine cardboard, hand-covered with buck insert)

*The wood of the copper beech belongs to the hard, slightly brittle woods and comes from Central and Southern Europe. The steamed beech wood we use is even slightly more robust and less prone to splintering (throwing) and splitting than unsteamed beech.
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