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TAC games with defects on the game board

The highest possible quality of wood and workmanship of our TAC game boards is a real concern for us. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that the wood supplied is not flawless in all areas or that errors occur during production. We are usually able to sort out such defective and fortunately rare specimens before they are sold. But they are also too good for us to destroy - an opportunity for you to make a bargain!

What is 2nd choice for us?

  • TAC Premium & Small TAC: Dark, not cleanly milled out areas in the troughs. They are caused by knotholes in the middle and lower layers of wood where the milling head has cut its teeth.
  • TAC Premium & Small TAC: Very rare and unfavorable or unsightly grain in the top layer.
  • TAC Premium & Small TAC: In exceptional cases, several different defects are possible on one board.
  • In the case of TAC deluxe and 6-TAC, there are examples where the milling in the beech wood is poorly done. You will find example pictures of this with the product.
What do you get when you buy a 2nd choice TAC game online here?
  • A better price, of course. The complete scope of delivery is new and in its original packaging.
  • Of course, the 14-day right of withdrawal also applies here.

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