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Our games always come with all the necessary parts. The instructions you can order here are intended as a replacement.

Note on the TAC trademark

Please note that TAC is a registered trademark and all parts are protected by copyright and design patents. The trademark also includes our graphics, logos, the playing cards, the font and the instructions.

The reproduction of individual TAC boards for private use can be tolerated by us. A commercial reproduction of our game boards and their distribution in connection with TAC is generally not permitted and a criminal offense.

This means for you, if you want to sell a self-made TAC board, it is not allowed to offer this in connection with our brand "TAC", not even privately.

Any further use, distribution, reprinting or publication of the contents of this website or our above-mentioned brand components and the use of our brand name (also in excerpts or in electronic form) requires the prior written permission of TAC Verlag GmbH.

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