TAC for six players

Please read before purchase!

6 TAC does not replace a TAC for four players - it only makes sense for exactly six players!

There is no cardboard box or a special bag for the 6 TAC! 6 TAC is very large and heavy! We deliver in a specially manufactured shipping box. The shipping costs are accordingly high and the game cannot be shipped together with other products in a cardboard box. Please also remember that in case of cancellation you will have to pay the costs for the return of the game. These costs can be up to 40,- Euro within Germany!

6 TACs are exclusively distributed by us directly to end customers and not via specialist retailers. A 6 TAC does not replace the classic TAC for four players. The rules are basically identical, but designed for two teams of two players. On a 6-player TAC board, four players will not be able to fit the distance between them. In a game with six players (three teams of two or two teams of three), the higher number of players and the changed distances on the board create a completely different gameplay - more chaotic and much less predictable and influenceable.

For example, if you play more often with more than four players, it makes sense to consider whether another TAC for four players might be more useful and cheaper than a 6-player TAC.