TAC for four players

For four players in two teams or as a team of four

The small TAC, TAC to go, TAC Premium and TAC deluxe differ in size and weight, as well as in the dimensions of the marbles and playing cards. The scope of delivery and quality are identical. The TAC to go corresponds to the small TAC. TAC deluxe are made of solid wood with a fr stem instead of a printed ornament.

The TAC games in comparison
Game board
The small TAC
1.8 kg
TAC Premium & Blind TAC
3.8 kg
TAC deluxe
4.2 kg
TAC to go
0.4 kg

The TAC Premium was launched in 2004, followed by The little TAC. These are the two most frequently played TAC boards. The small TAC will be bilingual with the upcoming production, from the end of 2024: with playing cards, instructions and game box, in English and German.

The other variants of our game are TAC to go (the pure and absolute travel TAC made of fabric and felt, an offshoot of the small TAC) and TAC deluxe (the finest ornament in solid wood and thus the nobler variant of the TAC Premium).

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