TAC for blind players

After more than 12 years of success, TAC Verlag presents another version of the "new classic" - TAC for blind and visually impaired players

The playing cards, the game board and the game pieces have been adapted to the needs of blind and visually impaired players. The quality and experience of the game remain the same.

The glass marbles have been replaced by differently colored wooden game pieces that are tactile and distinguishable by different reliefs. Additional markings on the modified TAC Premium board help blind players find their way around. The holes are deeper than on the standard TAC Premium so that the pieces cannot be easily pushed out of the holes by touch. The game cards are provided with Braille (Braille for the blind).

We owe it to our friend and 3D designer Torsten Tauber that we have succeeded in creating an aesthetic and functional implementation of the TAC version for the blind. The TAC Verlag would also like to thank blind and visually impaired people and institutes for the blind for their commitment and many suggestions during the development.

With our Senioren-TAC there is a cheaper hybrid form of the TAC for the Blind and the traditional TAC Premium, which does without the special playing pieces and the playing cards with Braille.

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