TAC Picture Contest 2022

"TAC in extraordinary places - capturing the TAC spirit"

Dear TAC players,

many people can't do without their TAC even on holiday and so the game often ends up in the most unusual places, as you can see in our example photos. A TAC is dug into the beach, a hole is drilled into a TAC board so that the parasol can be set up at the holiday resort or the TAC is strapped to the back while skiing.

This hot summer we are looking for pictures of TAC in the most unusual places and offering matching prizes related to TAC & travel.

If you haven't had the chance to play a few games of TAC in an unusual place, why not draw or paint a picture, make a meme or film a short clip of your imagination?

What's important to us is the idea and that you capture what's special about the TAC spirit!

The prizes for the:

1st place - a TAC World Championship 2023 entry (in a team with a person of your choice) 
2st place - a TAC to go, to make it even easier to tac on your next holiday
3st place - a TAC bag, so that you can transport your TAC even better

The TACrew will choose the three most unusual pictures from all entries and wishes you good luck.

Conditions of participation

The picture must be published on Instagram by 30/09/2022 with the hashtag #tacpicturecontest.
Only one picture per participant is allowed.
Further conditions can be found below.

Follow us on Instagram (instagram.com/tacverlag) to admire the pictures, graphics or clips of the TACommunity and tag your own entry with the hashtags #tacverlag and #photography in addition to #tacpicturecontest.

Legal basis for the photo competition of TAC Verlag GmbH

By submitting their photos, participants accept the conditions of participation for the photo competition and thereby assure that:
1. copyrights are respected and the photos are free of third-party rights.
2. no personal rights are violated in the depiction of persons.

to 1:
The participants guarantee that they own all rights to the submitted photos and will only submit photographic material personally photographed by them. By submitting and uploading the photos, the participants also guarantee that they will not submit any material that violates legal regulations. All illegal content is prohibited, in particular sexist, racist, anti-Semitic or inhuman content or depictions.
Should third parties assert claims for infringement of their rights, the participant in the photo competition shall indemnify TAC Verlag GmbH against all claims. Responsibility for the content (images, files, texts, etc.) lies exclusively with the author from whom the images were submitted.

to 2:
If persons are recognisably depicted in the picture and these persons determine the character of the picture, the persons concerned must agree to the photo being published.

The persons photographed have the "right to their own image". This right is only not given if persons appear as so-called accessories next to a landscape or other location. An accessory can be said to exist if the depiction of the person is so subordinate to the depiction of the surroundings that it could be omitted without changing the character of the picture. Therefore, please ask the persons photographed by you in writing for their consent to have their photo published. In this context, the participants guarantee that any necessary declarations of consent have been obtained. Should third parties assert claims due to an infringement of the right to one's own image, the participant shall also indemnify TAC Verlag GmbH against all claims in this respect.

Rights of use:

It is not planned to use the photographs of the competition for any other purposes.
With the accepted conditions of participation, the participants therefore grant the rights of use, limited in terms of time and content, to the photographs submitted for the purpose of any reporting resulting from the competition, primarily on the Internet.

Should TAC Verlag GmbH intend to use non-award-winning photos - outside of the competition - for purposes other than those directly related to the competition and the exhibition, the participant will receive a request to this effect.

Data protection

Only the participant's name (first name and surname) will be published as a copyright/source reference to the picture in the context of any further use of the pictures. Participant data will not be passed on to third parties beyond this.

Legal remedies

The right of appeal is excluded.


TAC Verlag GmbH does not guarantee any claim to publication of your photo. Should any provision of these conditions of participation be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation. Should you violate the above conditions of participation, TAC Verlag GmbH will unfortunately have to exclude you from the competition.

The competition is not connected to Instagram and is not sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram.

Any necessary shipping of the prizes will be free of charge within Germany and to Austria.